Travel Game è il viaggio-evento didattico per le scuole che trasporta gli studenti tra le più belle città europee in un viaggio all'insegna della cultura e dell'innovazione grazie al concetto della gamification ed ai nostri quiz digitali.

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Greece: culture, games, friendship and fun

Ecco la testimonianza (scritta in lingua inglese) degli alunni della classe Vª A dell'Istituto Cenni Marconi di Vallo della Lucania (SA), protagonisti del Travel Game 24-29 marzo 2019 in Grecia.

On the 24th of March 2019 some classes from our school went on a school excursion to Greece. The aim of the excursion was to study the rich cultural heritage and to study particular aspects according to the different courses of study: fashion, finance and marketing, meccanics, surveying and our class in particular concentrated on the the tourism sector.

We travelled with  “Travel game” a didactic project, that organized quizzes, games and activities while we were on the ship from Ancona to Patrasso. Thanks to them we met our tour guide Rula, who was very welcoming ,careful, kind and patient with us. We were particularly interested in her work as some of us would like to do the same job.

On the first day in Greece we went to the Acropolis, the ancient city, it was utterly breathtaking. We were thrilled to be in the place where the ideals of democracy were born, and spread throughout the world . We then went to Syntagma square to see the changing of the guards. Members of this special unit (Evzones), also called Tsoliades, guard the Monument of the Unknown Soldier which sits in front of the Parliament Building and Presidential Mansion. The evzones represent courage and bravery in Greece. We also saw the Pantanaik stadium that can contain 70,000 spectators. In the evening we wandered amoung the characteristic streets of the  Monastiraki and Placa districts.

On the second day we visited the world famous Epidaurus theatre. It represents the finest and best preserved example of classical greek theatre, also famous for its exceptional acoustics. We then went to the acheological site of Mycenae in Argolis, birthplace of King Agamemnon. On our way.

The following day we crossed the amazing Corinth (canal that links the goulf of Corinth to the Saronic Gulf)on our way to Delphi.The sanctuary of Delphi is a pearl between mountains and the emerald waters of the Eonian sea. We were fascinated to hear about the precious offerings to Pythia , the oracle who was consulted about important decisions in the ancient classical world. Delphi was considered the centre of the world.

Greece offers a range of natural, cultural, historic and manmade resourses that we will talk about in class for other activities and touristic studies.

This excursion was also an important occasion to comunicate and exchange views , opinions and experiences with locals and with other students we met . This  trip will always be a fond memory for us because it was our last school excursion.

10 Maggio 2019

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